SWAP Program

Smart Watering Affordability Program


Fisher Irrigation and Lighting Systems prides itself on providing the most efficient products and services to assist our customers while properly maintaining their property’s irrigation and lighting systems.

With the always rising water and energy costs mixed with busy summer schedules, an irrigation and lighting system can quickly become a difficult task to monitor.

In an effort to continue with our company’s environmentally friendly management approaches started a few years ago, we are proud to unveil our newest and most environmentally streamlined program to date!

SWAP Program Breakdown

The SWAP Program, Smart Watering Affordability Program, is our most aggressive approach at cutting the cost of operation while providing our customers with brand new technology which is environmentally friendly. The SWAP program can be broken down into two sections: Lawn sprinklers and low voltage lighting.

Lawn Sprinklers: 

Have one of our certified water management technicians evaluate your system for watering efficiency. Constant advancements in the irrigation industry have now allowed us to conserve natural resources better than ever before. Have Fisher Irrigation develop a custom plan that can save up to 40% of your current irrigation water usage. Be sure to have a recent water bill on hand so we can generate an actual dollar amount you can expect to save with these approaches. Best of all, we are offering a deduction of 15% off the material cost for these new products with all services rendered towards the new SWAP program.

Low Voltage Lighting: 

In 2012 we started the Buy Back program. This program gave our current lighting customers an opportunity to swap out their existing older incandescent lighting fixtures for new, energy efficient LED fixtures. To assist in the process, we gave homeowners $20 off per fixture. We are still offering this special this season, except now the new LED fixtures have been developed to use even less energy than before! That is 80% less energy than the standard incandescent lights use. And with a 20 year, 40,000 hour life expectancy these fixtures are the most environmentally friendly to date. Not to mention, you’ll never have to change another burned out bulb again!

Call us today to schedule an appointment so that we can put the SWAP Program to use for your household and begin saving you money.