Foresight is 2020

February has always been a month where I begin to plan for all of the exciting things to do during the warmer summer months ahead. As a father, these plans now open a whole new world of adventure outdoors, one that I am blessed to share with my two-year-old son.

I have found that this excitement for the start of a new spring season has also transitioned into the start of a new decade. Everywhere you look is a “hindsight is 2020” themed article, urging the reader to use the knowledge and accounts of the last decade to move forward in a more environmentally friendly manner. It is for this reason that we have decided to promote a new company approach; FORESIGHT IS 2020.

We have all experienced trials and tribulations of property maintenance. It can be overwhelming at times, and knowing what we do now about the environmental impact of daily activities, it makes maintaining these aspects of life even more difficult. That is why Fisher Irrigation and Lighting Systems have devised a new environmentally friendly platform for the 2020 season. FORESIGHT IS 2020. We know what works best, we know how to implement it, and we have a responsibility to the environment to uphold it. Forward thinking at its core is one simple approach: SIMPLICITY.

Fisher Irrigation and Lighting Systems are prepared to offer a wide variety of environmentally friendly implementations for property management that will allow our customers to use their irrigation and lighting systems more effectively than ever before with WIFI and blue tooth programming, remote water consumption monitoring, and even an automatic override sensor to eliminate irrigation leaks the moment they happen! All of these new irrigation and lighting upgrades can be maintained and coordinated right from the touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet.

At Fisher Irrigation and Lighting, we spend all of our spare time making sure you have more spare time. With our new, greener system add-ons for the 2020 season we anticipate you having more time for outdoor adventures, and less time monitoring your outdoor utilities. Call today to schedule your consultation on how we can make your system more environmentally effective for the next ten years!

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