Why Choose Fisher Irrigation & Lighting?

Experience, ingenuity, expertise, professionalism…


To offer our customers the best possible product we have put together the best possible staff. The average Fisher Irrigation and Lighting employee has over ten years’ experience with our company alone. Having a multitude of long term employees creates a team that cares about you, the customer. We are proud members of the National Irrigation Association, Rain Bird Select Contractors, Kichler President Club Executive members, and Pennsylvania Home Contractor registered. These industry standards and qualifications are in place for a reason, to ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible workmanship.


When dealing with Fisher Irrigation and Lighting you are our only customer. We install one job at a time and each project is uniquely customized to your requirements. With this approach in mind, we have proudly paved the way for new and innovative designs and applications within the industry for over 30 years. We are proud to tell you, our customers, that we are always imitated, but never duplicated.


Our plumbing background gives us the edge! An irrigation system is a plumbing system, plain and simple. Our knowledge of plumbing materials, coupled with our mechanical ability defines us among contractors.


Every irrigation design completed contains 10-20% more equipment than our competition. We not only take into consideration how your project is today, but ten years from now, and then implement this design for long term efficiency. This design security is a result of a contractor who has multiple certifications in irrigation design and installation, looking at all angles of your project from plant growth perspectives.


Throughout the past thirty years, we have learned what irrigation products work and which ones don’t. For these reasons, we only recommend the highest quality materials for every job we install, because they have been proven time and time again to give our customers the results they want. Low quality product is unlikely to perform well. Contractors who use low quality products by definition cannot install a quality system. The only way to save water on a low quality system is to turn it off.


The size of a company’s service division is important. Fisher Irrigation and Lighting have a fully staffed service division that operates six days a week. All of our service technicians only do sprinkler and lighting repairs, which means they are skillfully trained to quickly diagnose and repair a problem, which ultimately saves you money. Other companies will flip employees back and forth between mowing lawns, installing plants, and irrigation service based on the time of year. When this happens, you get unqualified individuals who do not work in these areas daily and will not be able to correct your problems in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our customers are important to us. We’ve all felt the pains of a service company who is unable to accommodate you in a time of need, and we’re not one of them.


It is our privilege to be working with you. As a customer with Fisher Irrigation and Lighting you deal directly with our managers Stacey and Jason Fisher to assist you with all aspects of your project from start to finish. This commitment to our customers has been the foundation to our company philosophy since day one, and as a result we have had the pleasure of continuing to grow with our customers for the past thirty years.